National Christian Heritage Sunday celebrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ arriving on Australia’s shores. Australia’s first minister, Rev. Richard Johnson, arrived with the first fleet on the 20th January 1788. Then, on 3rd February 1788, Rev. Johnson held the first Christian service in Australia. This event will now be celebrated on the first Sunday in February each year. The date for 2018 will be Sunday 4th February.

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Centenary of the Capture of Beersheba 31 October 2017

Centenary of the Capture of Beersheba

On 31 October 1917 two events happened which shaped future world history. The first was the capture of Beersheba by British, Australian and New Zealand soldiers, part of the Egyptian expeditionary force under General Allenby.

The second was the decision by the British War Cabinet to endorse the establishment in Palestine of a Jewish national home- the legal foundation of the future state of Israel.

Beersheba Centenary Website: October 31st 2017

Commemorating the ANZAC achievements of the Palestinian Campaign 1916-1918
School Teaching Resources

Kokoda Track Battle 75th Anniversary: 23rd July 2017

View a devotional on this and the relationship between the ANZAC’s and Israel on
the Christian History Research website.


The Gospel arrives in New Zealand

December 1814 the Reverend Samual Marsden led a team of missionaries to New Zealand.
The Gospel was preached for the first time on Christmas morning 1814. 2014 was the 200th anniversary.


ANZAC Service Centenary

2016 is the 100th anniversary of the first ANZAC service. It was commenced by WW1 Chaplains returning from the war.


A Tribute to Influential Christians

For profiles on influential Australia Christians visit this site.